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Our content writing service challenges the Cheetah in terms of speed.

Our work force is capable of handling last minute assignments like a breeze. This ridiculous mishmash of a team is deft at delivering content writing service at blazing speeds, even when the requirement of the client has reached LOO-CRITICAL LEVELS! You’ll find us handy when your requirement is URGENT. We’re probably the only ones out here who give you a seven-hour delivery guarantee. Don’t worry, we never compromise on quality.

Just have your work assigned to us by 12 noon, and we shall deliver by 7 p.m. without fail.

We’re a sure-footed bunch; we never tread where we cannot deliver.

Relevant, Informative and Engaging Content.. We can cook up words in any form of speech you desire. Formal, informal, casual, sarcastic and even downright street-thug style.

About Shabd Express

Online Word Wizardry by a Bunch of Wierdos
Content ALMOST as Good as Mom's Cooking!

It is the result of the brain juices of certain individuals going haywire. Saying anything beyond this would be futile understatements of what follows. Anyway, we've come into being. What our team does, though, is far more serious than the brain juice level. We cook. But we don’t cook food. What we do can be conveniently referred to as a delicatessen of words. Carefully devised recipes precariously balanced on the accuracy of each measurement produce fragrant, golden-baked write-ups that match no other. A generous chocolate-chunk of creativity mixed with just a spoonful of craziness, crunchy words seasoned for hours in the fun-spice added to it, and grilled on the fire of excitement to be cherry-topped with uniqueness; such is the love with which we prepare each platter. Give us something to cook.

  • We're a fun bunch. The boring picture of white-collared geeks sitting with their noses in the computer is NOT what we fit into. We climb mountains, chase butterflies or sit under a table, talking to a book. This is probably why our write-ups are peppy.

  • Oh, yes. Where there is fun, there is creation. Our inspiration comes from the wackiest of sources and sends our minds spinning off in space, painting galaxies or something. You'll see that in our content too.

  • Each of us has his own gear-train of thoughts. The content going through our fingers has a one-in-a-million feel.

This is us

Behold, the people who make up Shabd Express.

Mishi Bhatnagar

Team Founder/ Mean Editor
She is the creative one, the number one writer on the team. The Right hand man, the night owl, the workaholic and the most amiable of all. But when you commit a typo, she will break all hell loose!

Aditi Deshmukh

Writer/Grammar Nazi
Meet our word artist with an inbuilt Spartan mode. Rattling off words like Otaku and Kotodama, she keeps us running for the dictionary every other day. She attacks assignments with a power that puts ancient Greek warriors to shame!

Rahul Bharadwaj

Writer/ Tech Guru
One of our lead tech-writers, this guy is an Android enthusiast who will have an App ready for just about everything – including writing! His strong opinions and passion for creativity resonate in every word he creates, plus, he just loves dogs!

Juhi Pidiyar

Social Media Marketer/ PJ Queen
Trust us: she blackmailed her way into the team with her stack of mind-numbing jokes. Her PJs send us running for cover. But her keen understanding of the Social Media and a creative twist to every marketing strategy will send your popularity index skyrocketing through the roof!

Varnika Bhatnagar

Writer/ Potter Maniac
Voldemort and Mad-Eye Moody, Dobby the House Elf and Buckbeak the Hippogriff – she has tested our endurance skills to the limit with her never-ending Potter Rants! But her writing skills make it all worth it.

Shivi Goyal

Marketing Co-Conspirator/ Writer
A critical writer, a vague human, with blazing perkiness to be in awe of. She is the sexy lady who earns every word of hers. With her twerp content writing and language comprehensions, Shivi takes on the challenge of molding just about any thought into the magical words you fancy.. Geeky wanderer is what we call her.

Rupanjali Singh

Writer/Laughter Queen
With a short fuse for laughter, Rupanjali is the epicenter of all humor in the write-ups. She is capable of churning out words with the most peculiar character, right where it is needed.

Savneet Singh Gandhi

Writer/Pep Master
Meet our food blogger whose write-ups are just as full of perk as his spirit for yummy eatables. He has a record of serving each composition with meticulous garnishing.

Timmy Sadhwani

Writer/French Doll
When the innate diversity of the perspectives of a fashionista are blended with words, a unique piece of art is born. Our Doll is the hub of everything beautiful and exotic, much like French language itself.

Saman Ali

Saman Khaalla, the happy-go-lucky writer, is our source of chit-chat and the reason for coffee breaks. Her capability to get everyone chatty is reflected in her un-put-downable write-ups!

Neetu Sadhwani

Writer/Amusing Innovator
Neetu\’s writing style has thrown the creative minds of this planet into ponder-mode; such is her innovative knack when it comes to writing. Her different strokes will spin your mind into wonder too!

Prakash Pahilajani

Writer/The Dependable
When the team is running on fumes, Prakash is the clutch performer. His style of writing is designed for dependability and solidity. In a bind? Just leave it to him. He\’ll take care of it.

Arundhati Deshmukh

The absent-minded member of our team, Arundhati is known for the outlandish colors she brings into her write ups – like painting an imagination. You don\’t know off-beat until you\’ve read what she writes!

Sourabh Gujar

Writer/Wacko Dude
A team isn\’t complete unless there is at least one brain wired upside down. Meet Sourabh – the unpredictable. Ideas as nuts as himself find their way into his writing, and make the reading part just as interesting!

Hema Iyer

A lady with preset cool-swag mode, Hema is a passionate writer. Her dedication and care for each word penned down creates write-ups that speak of the endless hours of toil. Behold! Our team\’s very own Superwoman.

We love good deals. We also love work. So, here is the math: Your work + our great prices = successful work relationship. We bet you are interested.

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