Hello world!

If you’re reading this, it means you have taken interest in this team comprised of peculiar individuals each with their own unique craziness…

A taskmaster, a night owl, a clueless otaku and several ghosts – and this is just the first page. Ever since we started writing, all these random things just kept jumping in front of us, making us go – “I wanna blog about this!” So we decided to start a blog, just to catalog these random, unpolished bits of fluff that kept popping up in our minds in the form of thoughts. Here, we plan to share anything and everything that we find interesting, aside from, of course, travel (which we write about on our adventure blog – give it a try!).

…aaand, coming back:

We are the potion masters of Social Media Optimization. Each in our own corners we’ll be tending to our cauldrons broiling with words and typesets, adding the tear of an account and the ear of a password to the text brewing in that pot, its smoke filling the room with ideas and strategies.

We don’t mean monkey business. Period. We know it can be a drag juggling with articles and blogs and social media. Just toss it to us, why waste your breath? We love what we do and you’ll love it too. We are a group of writers who can deliver at the speed of light. We’re creative. We respond well to challenges. We are a task-intensive, SWAT-mode team. Bring it on.

Now I know what you must be thinking, reading the above bio.

I swear we used to have a handle on life, BUT IT BROKE!! 😛